About Dress Color (Combination)

Dress color is a tool that uses certain color combinations that matches your clothes. So we try to help you get the right color match for your clothe. We are using an algorithm to predict that based on the colors you provided to our system. How does it work? It works based on color wheels rules and some optimazation which ensures a perfect outfit for everyone. Both male and female dress colors can work on our system. How do I go about using the Color Dress? We have a preset section where you can select the dress colors you what to choose from. For now, we only have top and down. but we will later add neck tie, skirt, innerware and more. So that the system will allow you to make your choices by making it flexible. We have the view section where you can see the look, how exactly you will look in those color combinations. You only need to click the next button to see the next look. And there, the tool tell you wheather that color combination is a match or not. We will also add color suggestions later. Lastly, if you have any feedback, you can send a mail to us through the contact button which is at the buttom of the page Thank you, wishing you a wonderful match and perfect color combination for bothe males and females.